Relaxation for Sleep

The relaxation session on this CD begins with a centring and calming breathing RelaxforSleep200practice from the yoga tradition known as alternate nostril breathing. The practice requires you to sit up with your spine straight but if this is tiring for you it could be done in your imagination while lying in bed.

The second practice on the CD is a sequence of gentle exercises designed to be done lying with your bed covers over you. Combining deep breathing with simple movements and soothing visualizations of light, Gillian guides your consciousness downwards from your face to your feet.

The session ends with a ten minute relaxation practice in which you rotate your awareness passively through your body allowing it to relax. The practice is a powerful one from the yoga tradition known as yoga nidra or psychic sleep. It takes you into the healing interface between being asleep and being awake. Gillian's soothing voice and a subtle use of sound vibrations help you to surrender to the experience.

For helpful hints on overcoming sleeping difficulties using this CD please read Gillian's article: A Good Night's Sleep

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Price: $15.00

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