spring 2022


September 9-11

October 14-16

Temple Deck

 Enjoy a nourishing weekend in nature practicing meditation, deep relaxation (yoga nidra) and rituals sharing our fears and hopes and grief at this critical time in human evolution.  

 There will be morning yoga sessions and a daily deep relaxation  (yoga nidra) but the central focus of our practices will be rituals and meditations to awaken  our heart energy.  Meditation will be practised as a relationship with our inner being , connecting us with a sense of who we truly are- a unique expression of the Infinite.

With no more than 8 of us engaging in transforming heart centred practices, the group energy becomes inspiringly  trusting and loving.

  After the weekend you will be invited to remain connected to the energies of Pemavalley by becoming part of a “meditational field of evolutionary love” that is nurtured each month through a shared meditation practice that you can engage with in person or in spirit. Practices and uplifting recordings and readings are e mailed to you each month by Gillian. Participation is free  


 Our venue is Pemavalley- a 40 acre property in the Nimbin valley close to the Nimbin Rocks. It is sacred land of great natural beauty that will vitalize and inspire the best in us as we join our intrinsic wisdom and vision for the creation of a new way of being, not just for ourselves but as our contribution to the greater good. 


September 9-11

October 14-16

– COST: $275  (includes meals and accommodation)

Concessions available

 For bookings  email gillian:

Or call Gillian on  0447229111.

Only 6 places so early booking is advisable.

Evolutionary Spirituality

Evolutionary Spirituality  celebrates the realization that the creative energy, that has driven the evolution of the universe for billions of years, is now becoming conscious of itself through us. It is a recognition that helps to liberate us from the petty concerns of ego and moves us to awaken our  hearts and discover our  creative potential.  In a spirit of love we begin to  serve the bigger picture with humility, gratitude and a profound sense of purpose

Listen to Gillian sharing her understanding of Evolutionary Spirituality


Thank you for so willingly and generously sharing your extensive knowledge and wisdom with us. What divine bliss to spend a weekend of nurturing, inspiring yoga; insightful meditation and blissful relaxation sessions in your beautiful hillside Temple at Pemavalley. You introduced us to the concept of Evolutionary Spirituality and gently inspired us to plumb our own spiritual depths; to tap into the universal energy driving us to explore our infinite potential for conscious evolution.   The highlight of our weekend was the symbolic process of leading each other through the mystical timeline ceremony which culminated in a beautiful circle of love and gratitude.  Thank you for providing such an uplifting and transformative personal experience which I hope you will continue to offer on a regular basis.  

                                                             Margo Hutchison

                                                   (yoga teacher) 

Our weekend at Pemavalley exceeded all our expectations.  Not being a very alternate couple, we loved every moment of it.  Under Gillian’s compassionate but firm guidance, it was quite a spiritual journey, much of it we are still digesting, two weeks later.  A thoroughly satisfactory experience  –   great learning,  great company, great vegetarian food  (from a died-in-the-wool carnivore).

                                    Roger Broadley

  After a weekend at Pemavalley, I can say I had the best sleep in years on my return home. Stimulating, yet at the same time relaxing, your thoughtful programme blended yoga, meditation, good company and wholesome food into a refreshing tonic for the soul – an experience I can happily recommend to others.

                                                              Lorraine Broadley

  Thanks for a wonderful weekend. I am still thinking of the many meditations and conversations we had.  Your home and setting was absolutely beautiful. Loved walking up the stairs to your temple and sitting on the verandah at morning tea and lunch was breathtaking. Your passion for evolutionary spirituality was impressive and I left the retreat with a good understanding of it.   Whenever I get stressed at work, I close my eyes and remember the view from your temple and the Nimbin rocks.

                                                                     Michele Crocker

 Thank you so much Gillian for a weekend of powerful, inspirational exercises – all saturated in a lovely, supportive feminine energy in beautiful, quiet natural surroundings.

                                                             Jan Buckley

The weekend retreat was just what I needed. I am grateful to you for the knowledge you shared, plus the beautiful food and scenery. I felt very relaxed after the weekend. As we drove home I kept thinking, how little we need in life to be happy and how that happiness can radiate to others. 

Jan Leard


Thank you for a superb weekend, also admire your coordination abilities.   I feel much more grounded, peaceful and my ego is loving the contrast it sees between my own mind state and others in the community!   Amazing job you do, some of the words you said have moved me through things that have been deeply struggling with for years – thank you, thank you.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Helen Smith     ( occupational therapist)

I just wanted to tell you how special our weekend with you was, and to say a big thank you.

Your warm hospitality was very much appreciated. 

To conclude, I will write a few words I penned after our first day in the temple.

Golden shared silence in blessed meditative contemplation

In majestic rocky Aboriginal heartland.

My heart is lightening in the temple

 As my soul seeks communion with Divine Love.

                                                                                         Bronwyn  Roberts

It is impossible for me to express in words how grateful I am to have been a part of a Pemavalley retreat.

The last 18 months has been the hardest time of my life, and of course the most strengthening and growth encouraging. I have been working very hard on myself determined not to give up, but I needed something to guide me across a certain line back into my spirit and back to the divine. The weekend with you and the wonderful group got me there. For that I am so grateful.

You opened up your house and your heart to us, and gave us the tools to continue on this beautiful journey of meditation. You are an extremely humble woman. You are the embodiment of what you teach. There is no egotistical motive. You are also extremely knowledgeable and in tune. The recipe for guiding conscious evolution in my opinion. I’m not trying to drown you in admiration, I am speaking only from my heart.

The state of being.

The golden light of the third eye can bring me here

I need not see beyond it

I need not see what is in front of it

I need only to see it

I just transpire through my physical,

I must alleviate myself from my conditioned pressures

There may be much to sift through

The slight uncomfortable heat from my body

The wisp of my own hair tickling my head

The pain I feel in my back

The thoughts, the many thoughts

But I will find a place of still

I will find the gold and purple light

And when I find it I will feel

Centred, calm and open.

                                             Annalise Roberts ( law student)

  Gillian you mentioned in your email that you hope we all feel inspired after the retreat. Well, inspired is true, but perhaps it is an understatement! I’m not sure how to convey this to you in an email, but I feel very deeply inside my heart that my time at Pemavalley was, and will always be, an experience that has profoundly impacted on and shaped my life’s journey. I left Pemavalley not just with an inner glow of inspiration and delight, but also with an unwavering resolve to embrace the path of evolutionary love. Following and strengthening my all-loving connection with the Divine Beloved is therefore both my intention and my guiding light from this point on in my life. I know this will take daily work and practice, and I am ready for that and commit to it. I believe this path will help me to realise the fullness and the capacity of love as I strive to take sacred action to the highest level that I possibly can in the years to come. As humble or as important as these actions may be, I am open to whatever loving service I can offer during my life.

So for me, going to Pemavalley feels like no accident or coincidence as I believe there is a reason I have met you Gillian, and a reason why I have encountered and embraced your teachings about the philosophy of evolutionary spirituality / mysticism.
Gillian, mostly I just want to so sincerely and lovingly acknowledge all that you have done in helping me to realise all of this, not least of all awakening my heart to feeling the love of the Divine Beloved. Thank you so much.

                                       Rachal Taylor ( postgraduate student)