Yoga for Pregnancy

'How women give birth and how children are born are profoundly tied to our views of nature, science, health, medicine, freedom and human (especially man and woman) relationships'. Dr Michel Odent

The time honoured and time tested practices of yoga are ideal for awakening the riches of pregnancy and childbirth. In each of these two half-hour sessions, Gillian guides you through a sequence of relaxing and energising gentle exercises and breathing techniques slected on the basis of their special benefits for pregnancy,. She then takes you into a state of deep relaxation where visualisations and affirmations can be used to very powerful effect.

Natural childbirth is a wondrous gift. It is an experience which awakens body, mind and soul bringing them into harmony. As such it is a deeply healing experience.

Yoga means union - union of body, mind and soul. Pregnancy and yoga are therefore highly compatible. Yogic skills are unique in their capacity to unlock the healing and transforming energies of childbirth.

Yoga For Pregnancy Slideshow

Please click on any of the images below to open up a detailed slideshow of recommended asanas for pregnant women. It is easy to navigate the slides by moving the cursor to the left or right, or pausing where you wish. Please feel free to download any of these images to your own computer so they are available when you need them.

Price includes postage anywhere in Australia.

Price: $15.00

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