Dr Gillian Ross

A Profile

After a lifetime’s journey embracing many different world views Gillian finds it difficult to put a label on her spiritual perspective. If pressed she would describe herself as a Christian Buddhist yogi and mystic with a penchant for Taoism! Over the last 10 years however she has been happy to call herself a spiritual evolutionary in the tradition of Teilhard de Chardin in the West and Sri Aurobindo in the East.

“I believe in the evolution of consciousness and it has become my purpose and passion to assist in that evolution at this critical time in human history”

Her Western education gave her an Honours Science Degree, a Masters degree in Philosophy and a Doctorate in the Behavioural Sciences but, in her view, left her spiritually and emotionally bereft. In her late thirties she gave up city life and an academic career in order to give more time to her three young sons and to pursue her deepening interest in subtle energy and mysticism.

She trained as a shiatsu massage practitioner and as a yoga teacher with the IYTA. (International Yoga Teachers association). She began to explore alternative lifestyles and to study Eastern and Western spiritual philosophies.

In the early nineties she began making relaxation and yoga tapes through the ABC and published her first book: “The Search for the Pearl: A PersonalExploration of Science and Mysticism”. Her second book “Is there Life Before Death: Reflections on our Spiritual Awakening“, also published by the ABC, followed a few years later. In 2010 she published ‘Psyche’s Yearning; Radical Perspectives onSelf Transformation.

In the late eighties, Gillian became a student of the Clairvision School.( www clairvision.org). Founded in Australia by Dr Samuel Sagan in 1987, and now offering courses all around the world, Clairvision is a school of meditation in the Western gnostic tradition. It has also developed its own style of alternative therapy revolving around the inner space of meditation.

“If you’re looking for the most advanced school of meditation in the western world today, you just found it. I rate Samuel Sagan’s work more highly than that of any other teacher I have ever met.”
Karen Kingston, author of Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui

Gillian’s work with the energy and techniques of the school have profoundly influenced all her CDs

Meditation and yoga are very much part of her daily life. She lives on a 40 acre retreat in NSW and delights in sharing with others some of the philosophies and practices which helped her so profoundly in her journey out of spiritual bleakness into a lasting sense of peace, joy and well being.